Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Carm meets her brother, Ted

Carm joined our family in 2004, as a three month-old-pup. There were two pups left in the litter at the time, and they were pretty much identical, except one's ears were floppy and the other upright. Both were cute, so we took the upright 'model'. Since then, I often wondered what became of the other pup. Last year, while hiking Signal Hill, I ran into a dog that looked exactly like Carm. I spoke with the owner and, sure enough, the dog came from the same place. It was Carm's brother, Ted. I did get the person's email address, and we swapped a couple of pictures, but that was it. Yesterday, I took another hike on Signal Hill with Carm and my son. Before leaving, I sent an email to the dog's owner, inviting them to meet us on the trail. It was a long shot, but they got the message and showed up! Here's the video...

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